8 Way HDMI CAT5 Splitter

8 Way HDMI CAT5 Splitter

£70.00 Exc VAT

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Our 8-way HDMI CAT5 Splitter is perfect for larger events whereby you need to run long cables lengths to each screen. You can run up to 50m of Cat5 and the receiver can be easily hidden behind each screen.

Splits an HDMI signal to 8 remote screens via CAT5 or CAT6 network cable.
Supports 1080p up to 50m.
5V 2A power supplies included in kit.
Simple plug and play, no settings required.

Why would I need a 8-way HDMI splitter?

An 8-way HDMI splitter distributes HDMI input signals to 8 identical HDMI outputs. For example; if you were presenting on more than one screen, but displaying the same content a HDMI splitter would allow you to do this without requiring an additional laptop/computer. These 8 outputs are synchronized.

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