Christie 7000 Lumen Projector

Christie 7000 Lumen Projector

£425.00 Exc VAT



Event Projector Hire 

Our Christie LX700 7000 Lumen Projector is great for all exhibitions and events.

Standard Inputs

  • Input 1: DVI-D x1( HDCP); D-Sub15x1 (Menu Selectable).
  • Input 2: 5-BNC (R, G, B, H, V & Y, Pb/Cb, Pr/Cr & Composite).
  • Input 3: S-Video-DIN 4-pin x1; RCA x3 (Video/Y, Pb/Cb,Pr/Cr).
  • Audio 3.5 mini Jack (stereo) x1.

Standard Outputs 

  • D-sub 15 x 1 (RGB loop through).
  • Audio loop through 3.5 mini (stereo) x1.

Control & Networking 

  • RS232c x1.
  • Service port USB type B.
  • Expansion port for network module.
  • 3.5 mini jack (wired remote).
  • Remote Control (R/C) 3.5 mini Jack.

Optical System 

  • Motorized zoom, focus and lens shift.
  • Vertical lens shift Up/Down ± 50%.
  • Horizontal lens shift left right 10% (calculations based on centre lens centre image using Standard Zoom Lens).
  • Mechanical light Shutter *except on fixed lenses.


Lumens: 7000 

Power Consumption: 491W

Length: 439.9mm

Width: 370mm

Height: 187mm

Weight: 11.4KG

Here you can see one of our Christie Lx700 Projectors in action

Event Projector Hire