Package 8

Package 8

£290.00 Exc VAT

Price Is Based On a 2 – 7 Day Show

Includes Delivery Setup and Collection

1 x Screen 32″ – 80″

1 x Stand Or Wall Mount

1 x Value Meeting Table

2 x Martini Chairs

1 x Lockable Cabinet

1 x A4 Literature Rack

1 x Waste Bin



Package 8 – Exhibition Equipment Rental

What do you get in package 8? 

Screen- Pick your choice of screen from a 32″ all the way up to an 80″ using the drop down menu above.

Mounting Option: Your screen can either be mounted on the wall, used with a desk stand or choose from one of our many floor stands available.

Value Meeting Table: Choose from either a black Or white meeting table.

Chairs: You have a choice of either black or white martini chairs.

Lockable Cabinet: We have three colours available, black, white or oak.

A4 Literature Rack: Package 8 comes with a pull up A4 Literature Rack.

Waste Bin: Choose from a white or black waste bin.

Value Meeting Table Dimensions 

Height: 74cm

Width: 60cm

Length: 120cm

Martini Chair Dimensions 

Width: 49cm

Seat Width: 38cm

Depth: 52cm

Seat Depth: 38cm

Seat Height: 45cm

Overall Height: 86cm

Tested Weight: 110KG

Lockable Cabinet Dimensions 

Width: 80cm.

Depth: 45cm.

Height: 80cm.

Max Load / Shelf: 30 KG.

Waste Bin Dimensions 

Height: 28cm

Diameter: 28cm

Volume: 10L

Exhibition Equipment Rental