Kramer Seamless Switcher

Kramer Seamless Switcher

£350.00 Exc VAT

Price is based on a 1 day hire



Kramer HD Seamless Switcher Hire 

Our Kramer Seamless switcher is perfect for events whereby you are switching between devices. For example you can switch between your powerpoint presentation to your video in a blink of an eye,  giving you the seamless transition for your presentation.

This Kramer Switcher has built in special effect transitions, including horizontal, vertical, diagonal circle and chessboard wipes, cross−fading, and more.

Inputs: 8 x DVI−U (DVI−D, HDMI, PC, YPbPr and CV) on DVI−I connectors.

8 x  Balanced stereo audio on 5−pin terminal block connectors.

Outputs: 2 x DVI−I (DVI−D, HDMI and PC) on DVI−I connectors.

2 x  Balanced stereo audio on 5−pin terminal block connector.

Width: 43.6cm

Depth: 23.72cm

Height: 4.36cm

Seamless Switcher Hire